Hey, Nice to Meet You.

I am a Designer and a Creative Consultant with extensive experience in Fashion, Illustration, and Art Direction. I specialize in designing apparel, prints, patterns, and textiles. Through my international work with design teams and production facilities, I have built a broad understanding of the design and production process, from raw material sourcing to retail display, to point-of-sale in both high fashion and corporate environments.

I am also a Fine Artist and Illustrator. I work on commissioned projects as well.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my dog, Maya and strolling around Brooklyn. I am a passionate home cook and baker.


Branding Service

Create your new identity by designing logo, graphic elements and stationary templates.


Wedding invitations to special event cards and catalogs can be custom designed.

Design CAD Service

Create sketches and manage product developments from clothing to accessories.


Original drawing of your special furry friend's portrait print or conceptual illustration. 

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